Handa’s Surprise


This week the children were working with the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and they took part in a range of activities based on the book. This book is a great one for integration, there is so much you can do with it. In our class we integrated it with numeracy, art, role play and design and technology.


Handa’s surprise is a perfect story to link in with data handling. In our class we talked about the fruit in the story and then I asked the children what their favourite fruit was. I modelled how to make a pictogram on the board using coloured paper squares. I made some squares bigger than others and asked children if they thought anything was wrong. In this way, through guided self discovery, the children realised that all the squares have to be the same size. After that the children made their own pictogram of either favourite vegetables or favourite sports. They then went around the classroom with their clipboards and pencils asking their classmates what their favourite vegetable or sport was.

The finished work:

The children also played the following data handling game to reinforce what they had learned during their practical activities.

This game was taken from Communication for All, a wonderful website with excellent numeracy and literacy resources.


The children made masks based on the animals in Handa’s Surprise and the used them for re-tellings of the story and for role play.

Painting a monkey from Handa's Surprise

Painting a giraffe from Handa's Surprise

Ready to decorate the masks using feathers, crepe paper and tissue paper.

Hard at work decorating the masks.

Some of the finished masks:

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