Design and Technology – Eat More Fruits and Vegetables


Year One had a lot of fun with this topic over the past two weeks. Amongst other things the children learned that there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and that they can be categorised according to their sensory and other properties.

To provide opportunities for children to examine a wide range of fruits and vegetables we took a walk to a nearby supermarket. Living in Egypt there are lots of exotic fruits and vegetables such that the children really enjoyed handling, smelling and describing.

I want this one.

A race to the fruit corner.

Would you like some of mine?

And now we have to pay.

Back in school we had a tasting test which integrated nicely with our science topic of the senses. The children were encouraged to use appropriate adjectives to describe the fruits, such as sweet, sour, hard, soft, bitter, crunchy, chewy, tangy. Everyone loved the strawberries but they weren’t too fond of the avocado.

The children then had to write down the fruits that they had looked at and classify them into three different groups: juicy, crunchy and soft

To show children how fruit can be presented in a variety of ways and to engage them in team work, the children had to design and make a fruit salad in small groups.

Here are some of their designs:

Making the fruit salad:

To show the children that the appearance, texture and taste of fruit can be enhanced by a variety of ways of preparation and the addition of other ingredients, we made fruit smoothies.

We are ready to make our smoothies. We used apples, bananas, strawberries, orange juice and frozen yogurt.

First we added the banana pieces.

Then the apples went into the bowl

Next the strawberries went in the bowl.

Lastly we put in the orange juice and the frozen yogurt.

Then we used a hand blender to mix it.

We made sure it was nice and smooth.

Mmmmm. Yummy.

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