Our theme for the past few weeks has been dinosaurs. The children have engaged in a lot of learning as well as a lot of fun. They have gained an awareness of the wider world around them and compared what the planet looked like at the time of dinosaurs compared with now. This topic integrated into literacy, art and design and technology and it was a topic that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

At the beginning and end of the topic the children did a KWL chart so we could find out what they want to learn and, at the end, assess what knowledge they gained.

The children had lots of fun playing in our dinosaur role play area.

The children learned how planet Earth was formed and drew pictures to show the compare and contrast planet Earth when the dinosaurs were alive and planet Earth now.

The children learned the names of many different dinosaurs and gained knowledge of two new words: ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore.’ Each child was given the name of one dinosaur and they had to research, using books and the internet, what types of food this dinosaur ate.

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