Houses and Homes



Our topic this term is ‘Houses and Homes.’ The children are learning about all the different types of homes in their own locality and also about the various types of homes around the world. They have also been learning that houses fulfil people’s needs for shelter, water, warmth, somewhere to eat, comfort and personal space. Here are some of the activities we have done so far, although we won’t be finished the topic for another two weeks.

We did a pre-unit assessment to find out what the children already know about homes. I integrated this with science by asking what materials the children think homes are made from.

The children had to draw and write about their own house. As we live in Cairo all the houses were very very tall with lots of windows.

We examined pictures of different houses around the world. The children then had to choose a picture each to write about. They had to write about what the house looked like, what it was made from and what they thought it would be like to live there. Here are the original pictures and the children’s interpretation of them:







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