More Houses and Home – City at Night


As part of our houses and homes theme the children made some beautiful artwork of a city at night. The paintings are done using a collage technique but with a background influenced by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

I got the idea from a wonderful website called Deep Space Sparkle which has many amazing ideas for arts and crafts.

We first examined lots of images of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the interactive whiteboard. I asked the children to tell me what colours shapes and lines they saw in the painting. They described the painting using words like blue, yellow, swirly, sparkly, circles, and so on.

In the classroom the children first painted swirls all over a white A4 sheet using blue, orange and yellow paints. We then had to wait for the next day for them to dry.

The following day the children used black paper for the buildings and lots of different coloured scrap paper for the windows and doors. They really enjoyed the cutting and sticking and designing their buildings in different ways.

The results were excellent as you can see below.

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