2D Shapes



This week the children were learning about 2D shapes. Although by Year One the children know the names of the basic shapes already there is still much to teach them. I enjoy having the children find shapes in the world around them so they can see how the inanimate shapes are a part of their environment.




We went on a 2D shapes hunt around CBS so the children could see examples of shapes in their everyday world.

We see triangles and rectangles in the castle.

The whiteboard is like a square.

We see a semi-circle in the play house.

We see circles in the home corner bed.

The books are rectangles.

We learned about time and 2D shape using our circle-shaped clock.

We can see triangles in the whiteboard.

Planet Earth looks like a circle.

The computer screen looks like a square.

We linked our learning about 2D shapes with data handing. The children had to sort shapes into those with 1, 2 or 3 sides and those with more than 3 sides. We first made a life sized graph on the carpet and the children into which sorted real shapes based on different criteria. They then went and did the following activity independently to consolidate their learning.

To integrate with our theme of houses and homes the children made different kinds of buildings using 2D shapes.

We also examined symmetry by halving some 2D shapes and colouring them in two different colours.

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