Houses, Homes and Materials: End of Unit


We’ve been finishing up our topics of houses, homes and materials this week and the children engaged in some interesting and fun activities to wrap up the unit.


In numeracy we were learning about 2D and 3D shapes and the children made some lovely houses using first 2D shapes and then 3D shapes. These activities were very helpful at teaching the children which 3D shapes stack and which do not stack. Have a look at some of their designs:


In literacy we were learning aboutĀ The Three Little PigsĀ and so we decided to do a science experiment to integrate with that theme. We discussed what materials the pigs had used to make their homes and if the children thought those materials were good or bad. Then we divided the children into three groups and challenged them to make a house each. One group used bricks (Lego), one group used sticks (ice-lolly sticks) and one group used straw (drinking straws). We then used a hairdryer as the wolf to huff and puff and blow the houses down. Here are the children in action:




The end result.

We used a hairdryer to see which house would blow down. The house of sticks and the house of bricks withstood the test but the house of straw didn't last very long.

Design and Technology

The children designed and made their own houses using junk modelling. I had very little input in this as I wanted the children to be completely creative and come up with all their own ideas. The results were great, from tall skyscrapers to bungalows and from lighthouses to boat houses. Have a look at the children in action and at the end result, their junk model city.

The Junk Model City

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