Kandinsky Inspired Artwork




Year One looked at and responded to the work of Russian Artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Children love responding to Kandinsky’s work as he used so many vibrant colours. Also a lot of his work contains many different shapes and lines which make him a great artist for young children to study.




First of all we examined some of Kandinsky’s work on the interactive whiteboard. We talked about his use of colour, line and shape.

The piece we decided to respond to was his ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’.

The children were each given a square piece of white card and some oil pastels. The only guidance I gave them was to leave no white on the page.

Like Kandinsky we listed to music as the children created their pieces as for Kandinsky music and colour were completely interconnected.

Here is Kandinsky’s original piece:

And here are Year One’s completed pieces on display in our classroom. They turned out fantastic. Well done boys and girls!

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