Spring is here




We have been busy sprouting seeds and beans and growing sunflowers in our class.

The children really enjoy watching the seeds sprout and become so excited when the shoots start appearing.

When they arrive in the morning the first thing they do is check on their plants.



We combined science with literacy through the reading of a big book, ‘My Bean Diary.’


The children then made their own bean diaries using an A3 sheet of paper. They cut it in the shape of a bean and then they wrote what they would need to sprout their beans, e.g. soil, beans, plastic cups, water. They painted the front cover to look like a bean.


In small groups the children planted their beans. They all received their own plastic cup with their name on it and three beans. First they put the soil into the cup and then their three beans. They put the beans in so we could see them from outside the cup. In this way we will be able to watch the roots grow.


The children wrote in their bean diaries the process of planting the beans. They will monitor the beans and whenever they start to sprout they will draw a picture and write about it in their bean diaries.

I will add more pictures when the beans begin to sprout

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