Tree Huggers


Spring is one of my favourite times of year and it is a great time of year for teaching. The weather is amazing, everyone is in a good mood and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. As you can see from previous posts, we have been doing lots of activities inside the classroom to do with Spring, such as sprouting seeds and beans, making a home for our snails and growing watercress and sunflowers.

Today Year One took a walk to the local park to examine the plants, flowers and minibeasts. We also took our snails back to where Year Two had found them as it isn’t fair to keep them in the classroom for too long. I always try and teach the children the following motto:

Take nothing but picturesleave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. 

We first arrived at the park and sat down on the grass and had a little picnic. The children really enjoyed sitting in the sunshine eating their snack.

After we finished our snack we went to find a nice place to leave the snails. The children decided on a tree truck where they could see other snails; they wanted to put the snails back with their friends and families.

We then took a walk around the park looking at the various plants and trees. The children pointed out the leaves, stems, flowers and roots. They enjoyed smelling the flowers and feeling the textures of the leaves.

I told the children that the trees love being hugged so they ran around hugging as many as they could.

We then went and sat back on the grass and the children were given a clipboard, paper and a pencil each to draw the things they had seen in the park. They drew trees, flowers, snails, spiders, plants, leaves, birds and many other things.

Then, before we returned to school, we played a game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ together. We really had a wonderful day in the park. The children got so much enjoyment out of it, and so much learning. We will definitely be returning.

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  1. Wow I’ve been browsing through your very thoughtful blog and I have one question for you: where is your school? My 5-year old son is starting kindergarten in the fall and I would love for him to have experiences akin to what you describe here. And if you’re not in Brooklyn already, would you be interested in moving?
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and classroom experiences!

    • Thank you so much for your post. It’s so positive and I really appreciate it. At the moment I’m living in Cairo, Egypt but might be moving soon. I would love to move to the states at some stage. I’m sure your son will have an amazing time at school with such a supportive mam. Your blog looks great! Thanks again, Miss D.

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