Literacy using the work of Julia Donaldson.



This week we explored some of the work of Julia Donaldson under our theme of ‘Oceans and Seas.’

Donaldson is an amazing and creative children’s story teller; I have yet to read a book of her’s that both myself and the children didn’t thoroughly enjoy. We used her books ‘Tiddler’ and ‘The Snail and the Whale’ to explore her underwater worlds and meet her inventive and imaginative characters.





We read the story up until the point where Tiddler gets caught in the fishermen’s net and then I asked the children to imagine how Tiddler must be feeling. We then did some hot seating with different children acting at Tiddler and other children asking them questions about how they were feeling and did they think they would get out.

Then the children were divided into groups and they had to think of a way for Tiddler to escape. They had to act out the escape and then freeze in action. One child in the group acted as narrator.

The dolphin comes along and eats Tiddler and then Tiddler escapes from his belly.

Tiddler’s friend comes along and saves him.

The shark came and ate through the net and Tiddler got out.

There was a hole in the net and Tiddler made it bigger.

When we finished the story of ‘Tiddler’ we discussed tall tales and I asked them to think of reasons why they might be late. I told them they could use tall tales of true stories. Some of the results were very funny and creative. The children then wrote four excuses for being late in their writing copybook.

Sophia: I was feeding my fishes.

Mustafa: I was stuck in traffic.

Manel: I got kidnapped.

Karim: I was playing with the ghost.

Axel: 4 naughty cars was broken.

Layla: I was playing with the butterflies.

Mabrouk: I was sleeping.



Ayoub: I was fighting with a dinosaur.

Soumya: My bus was slow.

Makoto: The school bus didn’t come because the driver, Mustafa, was sleeping.

Moad: I was sick.

Fatma: I was playing with a monster.

Razan: I was sleeping late.

Joel: I was watering my flowers.

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