Junk Model Robots


The children engaged in more junk modelling this week. This time they made robots. It’s amazing what you can make with things that otherwise would go straight into the bin. The children’s robots all turned out fantastic, they all looked very different from each other and were very imaginative.

I got this idea from this amazing site that I use often for art activities: Deep Space Sparkle

First of all the children painted a background of their choice onto foam boards (architects’ boards) which were cut slightly larger than A4. They used paint, brushes, rollers, and different items such as straws and chopsticks to make their background look textured. When finished they dipped the top of a plastic cup in white tempura paint to make rings on their background.


I had cut out lots of different sized squares, rectangles and triangles from a corrugated cardboard box. When the children’s background was dry they used the cardboard pieces to design and stick their robot to the background. They then painted it using silver and black.


Then came the fun part. I placed lots of recyclable materials on the children’s tables, such as bottle caps, ring pulls from cans, tin foil, scrap paper, old laces, lids in various shapes and sizes, crepe paper, fabric scraps, etc. The children then designed their robots in whatever way the wanted. I didn’t interfere in this part at all, I just let the creative juices flow. The results were amazing as you can see below.


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