I decided to start this blog as a way to share ideas with other teachers, communicate with parents and to make the children more aware of how ICT can be used both inside and outside of school.

I fully believe that if used in the right way ICT can be used to enhance the teaching of children, both as a valuable resource bank for teachers and as an actual classroom tool. Since I began teaching I have gotten a wealth of valuable advice and information from teachers on many education forums, as well as countless wonderful inspiration and ideas from the blogs and websites of some very creative teachers.

So, with this in mind, this year I decided to give something back and design my own blog. Through this blog I want to share my teaching philosophy and how my classroom works. I would like to explain how I manage learning centres in my classroom, how I use and involve the children in ICT in the classroom and also the day to day work that my class carries out in subjects such as literacy, numeracy, science, topic, art, design and technology and ICT.

I hope you enjoy reading and investigating my blog. Please link any original ideas back here. I will of course link back to the creator’s sites any ideas that have inspired me in my classroom.

Thank you

Year One Self Portraits