Chinese New Year



As we are an international school with so many children from all over the world I really love to celebrate all the different holidays. As Year One were presenting the school assembly this week I thought that it would be great to teach the children about China and the Chinese New Year so we could perform something in honour of it for assembly.





The Children made Chinese dragons and paper lanterns and we used these for our Chinese New Year parade in our assembly.

Making the Dragons

Cutting out the dragon's head and tail.

Painting the head and tail gold.

The finished gold head.

Folding the red paper forwards and backwards, like an accordion.

Applying glue to the red paper.

Sticking the head and tail to the folded red paper.

The finished dragons.

Thank you to Show Me for this lovely idea.

Making the Lanterns

Cutting into folded paper but stopping before the edge.

Painting designs on the red paper with gold paint.

Gluing the edges together to make a lantern shape.

The finished lanterns.

Thanks again to Show Me for this idea.



We learned the Chinese New Year song ‘Gung Hay Fat Choy’ and the children performed this at the school assembly.


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